Thursday, October 14, 2010

The sky is falling!...NOT!

Over the past few days, I've been looking at forums and posts like this one. To be honest, it is tiring to see all the whining in the paladin community about our current situation. I have a news flash: The patch has only been out for three days! CALM DOWN! People are saying that they feel useless because the damage meters show them bringing up the rear... Seriously? Yes, it is true we are less than spectacular when it comes to meter padding, but I believe it is for two reasons:
1) None of the meters are measuring our absorbs yet (not even World of Logs).
2) We're no longer overhealing as much as we used to because we can't spam one fast heal 'till kingdom come.
If you read further in the post, we keep hearing from the "seasoned paladins who have done ICC hardmodes" that we are wiping because of bad paladin healing. Riiiight... It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that we are running without functioning addons and with connection/server issues, or the fact that most people are still learning their classes. No, no... it's the fact that paladins aren't keeping people alive. Let me be the first to, and excuse my language, call bullshit on this. We managed to clear the whole ICC this week with some heroics without any hitch. We decided not to do many hardmodes because we were trying to get to LK fast so that we could work on Neck Deep in Vile. While it was a little disappointing to find myself at the bottom of heals, our healing team is cohesive, and our healing lead actually knows what he's doing. So we managed to get around the beacon nerf by actually having more than one healer heal the tanks. Surprised? Yeah, God forbid we had to have a shaman or a priest heal the tanks, why that would be the end of the world. Wanna know something else? On Heroic BQ, I actually managed to come in third on healing, as well as on Sindragosa. But why should any of this matter? ICECROWN IS DONE AND OVER WITH. Any achievements gotten now are actually comparable to TBC post 3.0. Yeah, you could do Sunwell, but who cares. No offense, but that's like a normal person winning the special olympics. I am only raiding at this point to learn how to use my new abilities. I no longer care for getting Light of Dawn (the title) or the 25 man Drake (though I probably will because my guildmates still want them). So please... be patient until Cataclysm, and have some faith in Blizzard. Like I said on the forums, when top world guilds start benching holy paladins, then we need to start worrying.

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  1. Amen to that. I get so sick of the 'if you haven't done [X], you can't talk about this' BS. It's just another form of e-peen waving.

    We did ICC-10 last night. I struggled a bit with my add-ons and trying to retrain my muscles. AND, yes, I'll admit to being a little bothered by my plummet to the bottom of the healing meters (though I was tops on BQ -- go figure). Yet what did we tell everyone for the last two years? Meters don't matter. The way I figure it, if you have a list, someone's going to be first on the list, and somene's going to be last. Between the add-ons, relearning the class, and working to fit with everyone else, this is going to take some time.

    On another note, I get so sick of the 'if you haven't done [X], you can't talk about this' BS. It's just another form of e-peen waving. Nice post.