Monday, October 4, 2010

A Moment of Silence

So, I got up at the crack of afternoon on Sunday to find that my dear iMac had bitten the dust. Apparently, my hardrive is dead (according to the answers returned by Googling: "freeze at startup" and "omfg, I need WoW"). Luckily, I had an *older* PC that I wasn't using, so I spent about 10 hours re-installing, re-patching, and pulling my hair out from frustration. Now, this isn't an article about how PCs compare to Macs, or even just a filler due to me scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas. No, no, this article is about a lesson I learned by running a Heroic random right after I finished patching. Now, I'm sure we've all been in instances with those people who have a high gearscore, but just blatantly turn out to suck. I know I always think to myself "Who carried you/How much did you pay for that toon?" They would sometimes say, "Sorry guys, my comp/internet is bad atm.", and I would think "Lies!" Now, my 5.7k dps spec is nothing spectacular. However, under normal circumstances, I am quite certain that I would have been able to pull more than 2k dps in Pit of Saron. When I saw recount, I knew there had to be someone thinking "What's with this moron?" It certainly knocked me down a peg or two. So, I've made a new resolution: From now on I will give people the benefit of a doubt. Don't get me wrong though, that doesn't mean that I will carry them even if they have a bad connection/computer. My group would have been fully justified to boot me had the dps not been sufficient. However, I will not automatically assume they are a bad player, or as Gevlon would say, an "M&S". I guess what I'm saying is that people should get a second chance to prove themselves, particularily when it comes to players from the same server. I know I have been quick to /ignore or kick players in raids that were not performing, and not send them invites next week. This experience, however, has humbled me. So let us say a quiet prayer for my faithful old Mac, and try to think twice the next time we judge that lovable retribution paladin still hitting Divine Storm long after the mobs are dead.

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  1. ah, remember the days when WoW could be played (sort of) on a dial up connection? This game has gone more towards the FPS genre imo.