Saturday, August 28, 2010

Holy Paladin Beta Spells

Like I mentioned earlier, I was lucky enough to get into Cataclysm Beta recently, and boy did they make some changes to Holy. I want to go over a few spells in our healing repertoire, and my first impressions of them. I won't be covering Holy Radiance in this post, as I am not lvl 83 yet. I have also not playtested any of these in an instance yet, but I will post an update as soon as I do. For now just sate your eyes on the tooltips.

1.) Flash of Light
See that mana cost? They aren't kidding when they say it's expensive, and that's at lvl 80. It is still fast and instant when you crit with Holy Shock. However, at this point it's pretty much a guarantee that we won't be spamming this endlessly anymore. So what's our low cost heal now? Well..

2.) Holy Light
Our new "go to" heal. It's cheap and gets 30% haste off every Holy Shock, in addition to our normal spell haste, so it isn't all bad news. With Judgements of the Pure, it is about 1.88 sec cast, and with Holy Shock it is 1.45 sec. While this may be concerning, and would certainly cause deaths in current raiding situation, we were told tanks won't be going down as fast as they are now. In terms of throughput, it heals for about the same as FoL does now.

3.) Divine Light

The new Holy Light... Expensive and heals for a lot. Has the same exact cast time as Holy Light, just more bang.

4.) Word of Glory

The "Oh shit!" heal. You can have up to 3 stack of Holy Power, so that's a total of of 3x 2150 instant cast. Of course, that doesn't count in your spellpower, crit, or heal modifiers. I like that we have another instant heal, as I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot more moving around due to Holy Radiance ( again, more on that later).

5.) Light of Dawn

This is a very cool heal in my opinion. Think healing Cone of Cold. I'm not sure how I feel about it being our 31 pt talent, though. While it may do well for healing the melee who are standing in one spot, it may be hard to get enough ranged in it's path. If you're wondering what it looks like, though, you won't be disappointed:

Told ya!

6.) Holy Shock
Our new bread and butter. Awesome mana cost, and heals for a very decent amount. Oh, and it grants Holy Power, which is used for a lot of our above heals, AND it lowers the casting time of Holy Light and Divine Light by 30%, AND still makes FoL instant on crits. It seems that the Glyphing for this will be worth it now that it does so much for us.

7.) Beacon of Light
Ah, the good old Bacon... It only transfers 50% of healing to it's target, but is no longer limited to just FoL and HL as it was in the early beta. I'm hoping that they will have a glyph for it that will allow it to transfer more, but that remains to be seen. Incidentally, it's the other way we can gather Holy Power, as healing the Beacon target directly causes us to generate it (when talented of course).

Well, those are all the heals I'll cover for now. I left out our mastery absorb effect and Lay on Hands on purpose, as I don't have any mastery increasing gear yet, and LoH is largely unchanged. Time to bubble-hearth for now, until next time :)


Well, I'm back! Or at least I'll try to be. Much has happened over the last year or so since I've blogged last. Here is a quick rundown:
* I've leveled 6 toons to 80, a feat that I'll likely repeat in Cataclysm.
* I've switched mains 3 times: To my shaman, my mage, and back to my paladin. To be honest, the other two didn't really do it for me...
* I tried to stop progression raiding - to go casual, in other words - and it didn't turn out that well (but more on this later).
* I managed to see all of the bosses in the expansion on one toon or another, something that I wish I'd done in BC (I pretty much skipped all of T5).
* I finally got into the Cata beta, which is really why I'm redoing the blog. My first post (after this one) will be on my first impressions of Beta (and trust me, it is really cool).

Here's to hoping that I can reacquire the readership that the blog had at it's prime. So spread the word!