Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Modest Proposal

Miss Elf had an interesting post a while back called If I Were A New Player, I Wouldn't Be A Player At All. I didn't really pay much attention to how hostile the game is to new players until Northrend was down on Scarlet Crusade a few weeks ago, and I had rolled a lock on a new server for fun. I made it to level 15 before I finally gave up.  It is hard enough to grind 80 levels on a server where you have the support of your mains, but I think that if I had to do it all over again from scratch, I wouldn't even bother giving it a try. After giving this some serious thought, I had suddenly remembered what EQ had started doing after they saw their new player base decrease: Monster Missions. These were instanced runs where you got to play as, basically, an NPC. Think Caverns of Time, except that you had a completely different set of abilities from your own. What was really fun about monster missions was that a level 75 and a level 10 could group together, as the levels would be adjusted for the instance. Now, this probably would have to be adjusted in case of WoW, as just gaining experience from the missions means nothing to an 80. This is where another feature from EQ could come in handy: Evolving Items. They would be rare pieces of gear in which you would invest experience from the missions to gain better stats. At full evolution, they would have the same stats as a, let's say, lv213 epic, maybe even better. Don't like this idea? Fine then, I have one more proposition.
It is no secret that low level instances have now become obsolete. In fact, they are pretty much only useful to twinks and new players. This is where I would recommend what I like to call "Rent a group". Similar to what EQ implemented, once a day you would be able to go into an instance by yourself with enough NPCs to fill in for the rest of the group that you could not pug in lfg. They would move through the instance at a set pace, and you could mix and match the composition of the group, so that you could also perform your role as dps/healer/tank. That's pretty much all I got... Thanks for reading!

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