Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hybrid Theory

Rohan, of Blessing of Kings, had an interesting article in response to the news that Spiritual Attunement, a base paladin ability that grants mana when healed, is going to be made into a talent deep in the protection tree. You can read it here: Will The Last Hybrid Paladin Please Turn Off The Lights?

While I agree that this change will be just another nail in the coffin when it comes to performing non-spec duties in a main spec, I am inclined to welcome this as a positive one. You see, I have never played a paladin pre-TBC. I don't know about the good old days when a holy paladin could tank and dps well enough in a pinch. Therefore, it never made much sense to me to tank as holy, or dps as protection, or any other combination you may think of. I do think that this change, however, will not make much difference anymore due to the coming of the dual specs. Personally, I would rather have changes that increase my ability in my talented role, than to be able to do multiple things at once. After all the leveling and gearing is done, when a tank dies in Naxx or a Heroic, it's almost always a wipe, and it makes no difference whether I have tanking abilities as holy, Patchwerk will still slice through me like a hot knife through butter. If too many dps die on Thaddius, it won't make a difference that I can pop a 2h and put out about 500 more dps than a druid or shaman, because we still won't kill him before he enrages.  I say, take Spiritual Attunement, and give me the aoe heal that everyone else has :P


  1. I would agree with getting an AOE heal.

  2. The fact we don't have some kind of an AOE heal is going to be problematic pretty soon, I feel (well - more problematic than it already is!).