Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aegis Hestia Wants YOU!

I don't usually do things like this, but it seems that a lot of players in WoW are in a burnout stage. Bored with Naxx, I guess... Therefore, at the moment, Aegis Hestia is recruiting a few able bodied DPS and a couple of healers to fill our raid spots. We raid Tue, Thur, and Sat from 8-11 CST. We are housed on the Scarlet Crusade (US) server, and if you would like more info on how to join, please go to We actively clear Naxx in two days (or less) and have cleared Sartharion with a drake up and Malygos. If you've been wanting to transfer servers, now is the perfect time to do it, and we would love to have ya! :P 

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Heart Greater Faydark!

As many of you have probably read on one blog or another, it is Everquest's 10th anniversary today, although I doubt that most of the WoW population will understand the massive (no pun intended) impact that the game had on the world of MMOs. You see, Everquest set the precedent for what WoW would become today. It did not do this, however, by succeeding in catering to the player base the way WoW does. Instead, WoW learned from the mistakes of EQ, which is why it has been able to retain and grow it's customer base to the enormous online community we have today. I know many of you are probably shocked that I say that WoW listens to it's players, but believe me, WoW is Mother Goose in comparison to EQ. In fact, if I had to say that any other MMO killed EQ, I would probably have to proposition that it was WoW in the Library with a candle stick. 

I'll start off by saying that I was once an EQ player, and a hardcore one at that. I know you can't tell that by the VERY subtle tributes I give it by naming all my characters after EQ deities (Quellious, Cazicthule, and so on...). I started playing EQ when I found out about it from a friend, right after the expansion Ruins of Kunark came out. I decided to give it a try, so I rolled a druid on the Quellious server named Astrael ( No, I did not name it Quellious, that would have been tacky :P). When I started playing the game, I wasn't terribly impressed with the graphics. In fact, they were outdated even by standards in those days. However, after I had played the game for about an hour, it drew me in more and more. My druid grew and grew, and eventually he was level capped, which in Everquest takes about 4 to 5 times longer than in WoW. I soloed most of the content up to level 55, and had no trouble finding raids to heal or dps ( you could do both at the same time), and eventually I got my Epic 1.0. A little later on, Planes of Power came about, and we conquered them without much trouble too. However, after the first 3 or 4 expansions, the game became very hostile towards even the solo classes. The normal mobs were becoming stronger (they quadded for about 500 per hit, which comes to about 2k health per second out of an 8k health pool). Things got so ridiculous at the time Dragons of Norrath came out that I, like many players, altogether quit. We complain about welfare epics today, but we disregard that EQ required you to do an 8 hour raid per night to clear a dungeon (which was not instanced by the way), and the chances that you'd get the nice gear from the three bosses there were about 1/52, as that's how many players were in the raid.  Of course, not all raids were this long (OK, maybe just Vex'Thal), but all of them had about 50 players, so gearing was definitely an issue. I won't even go into the corpse runs, the exp loss on death and the fact that there was only one acceptable raid healer, the cleric. But in spite of all my beef with EQ, I want to wish it a Happy Birthday, and I hope that they will come out with EQ III that will blow away all other MMOs :P

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Hybrid Theory

Rohan, of Blessing of Kings, had an interesting article in response to the news that Spiritual Attunement, a base paladin ability that grants mana when healed, is going to be made into a talent deep in the protection tree. You can read it here: Will The Last Hybrid Paladin Please Turn Off The Lights?

While I agree that this change will be just another nail in the coffin when it comes to performing non-spec duties in a main spec, I am inclined to welcome this as a positive one. You see, I have never played a paladin pre-TBC. I don't know about the good old days when a holy paladin could tank and dps well enough in a pinch. Therefore, it never made much sense to me to tank as holy, or dps as protection, or any other combination you may think of. I do think that this change, however, will not make much difference anymore due to the coming of the dual specs. Personally, I would rather have changes that increase my ability in my talented role, than to be able to do multiple things at once. After all the leveling and gearing is done, when a tank dies in Naxx or a Heroic, it's almost always a wipe, and it makes no difference whether I have tanking abilities as holy, Patchwerk will still slice through me like a hot knife through butter. If too many dps die on Thaddius, it won't make a difference that I can pop a 2h and put out about 500 more dps than a druid or shaman, because we still won't kill him before he enrages.  I say, take Spiritual Attunement, and give me the aoe heal that everyone else has :P

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slow and steady lost the race... sort of :P

Just as I was about halfway through writing an article about this subject, I checked Siha's site and noticed that she had written about the exact same thing! Therefore, I will simply tell you to go here: Banana Shoulders Judgements Topic. It is extremely informative, and saves me from having to post all the math to prove it XD

I also want to let everyone know that I have finished my experiment on mana regen in entry level blues and epics for 10-man Naxx. I honestly have to say that there was not much issue with using Divine Plea whenever I was short on mana, but there were some close calls with Patchwerk and Grand Widow Faerlina's enrage. I would say if you're using Divine Plea on bosses, try to time it's activation with Avenging Wrath. It seems that mp5 is still largely obsolete, so feel free to stack crit/int/spellpower. I never did make it past Sapphiron, so I don't know how this will affect Kel'thuzad healing, but I don't think it will make much difference (I had to pug almost all 10-man Naxx, since my guild rarely runs them). 

In other news, I did notice that the Ulduar plate disclosed on MMO-Champion is suspiciously stacked with mp5, and methinks that we may see another change to Divine Plea soon. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of Divine Plea increasing mana regeneration itself, instead of regenerating the mana based on intellect. Let us just hope for the best. Until next time... Cheers!