Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nerf on the count of five! (That's three my lord).

So, by now we have all seen that the nerf to Divine Plea came in sooner than patch 3.1, when mana regeneration for healers was to be cut across the board. That's right, we've been sucker punched! Or have we...

I ran Naxx 25 this past week, and can tell you that I did not really see a problem with mana regeneration. As I suspected, the change has little effect in 25 mans, as I was still using Divine Plea fairly often, and still managed to cling to the high end of the healing meters. When I used Divine Plea on Patchwerk while healing the OT, I made sure that I also popped Avenging Wrath. Now, two questions remain: How does this affect the 10-man Naxx and entry level healers, too? Experiment time! I will, over the next couple of weeks, gather (again >.<) the blue gear from my gear guide, and will run a couple of 10-mans. I will then report on the results, and see if we need to look over how we should rank our starting gear. Expect to see a post on it soon.


  1. I didn't notice anything different in 10 mans-though I'm not longer in what one could exactly call entrance level gear, either...

    I'm afraid it might hurt a lot more for the entry-level folk, though. :(

  2. It just annoys the hell out of me that we got hit with this before anyone else. Immature? Probably.

    I've done a couple of "experiments". I did Sartharion without using Divine Plea. My mana was... Well, horrible. I finished up struggling but I checked the other healers - all on WELL above 50%.

    I healed Patchwerk and used Divine Plea. It went OK.

    I don't like talking about the DP nerf, much - it really just makes me angry. I'm tired of getting nerfed faster and harder than the other classes (or so it feels like, I'm being a sook today lol).

    I also think this was just a poor change - feels like it wasn't properly thought out at all; and was simply a "Oh, we'll just slap a bigger healing penalty on it, that'll do". Feels like they could really be bothered thinking about it at all.

    - miss elf