Monday, February 16, 2009

My (Un)Funny Valentine....

Well, the Love is in the Air event ended at 6 A.M. server time this morning. How close was I to getting the Love Fool achievment? One piece of candy... That was all that stood between me and having to wait another year for my Purple Proto Drake. Alas, it was not to be. I almost feel dirty now, what with throwing on my red dress, practically bathing in perfume, and putting on a drag show for all the Ironforge and Stormwind guards every hour for a lousy Gift of Adoration. Well, I did say almost :P So, I will wipe the mascara off my pudgy dwarf face and stash the high heels into the bank, and bide my time patiently until next February. 

In other news...

Blizzard has announced that we will officially get dual specs in 3.1. You may find the details of the blue posts on  I, personally, have decided that my offspec will be Retribution, as I have not PvPed in quite a while. I am now running 10-mans exclusively for ret gear for dungeons, and am saving my emblems for the PvP gear. To all you horde locks out there, I have one thing to say: Get ready to feel pain!!!

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