Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Fond Farewell...

I'm sure that by now most of us who read the various WoW blogs know that Phaelia of Resto4Life has announced that she will stop blogging effective March. I can honestly say the blog community will lose a great writer and one of the biggest "WoW Celebrities" out there (and I' m not just saying this because she is a fellow LSU Tiger). I remember the first time I had stumbled upon Resto4Life while trying to level my druid, and the wealth and quality of information I had discovered amazed me. I knew immediately that this was a gem of a website, and I soon found myself visiting it on a daily basis. At this point, I have to admit that a large part of my decision to move to the Scarlet Crusade server and join Aegis Hestia was affected by Phaelia's blogging. So with that, I truly wish Phae the best of luck in her future endeavors, and I hope that we will one day get to see a resurrection of the blog in some shape or form. Geaux, Phae!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My (Un)Funny Valentine....

Well, the Love is in the Air event ended at 6 A.M. server time this morning. How close was I to getting the Love Fool achievment? One piece of candy... That was all that stood between me and having to wait another year for my Purple Proto Drake. Alas, it was not to be. I almost feel dirty now, what with throwing on my red dress, practically bathing in perfume, and putting on a drag show for all the Ironforge and Stormwind guards every hour for a lousy Gift of Adoration. Well, I did say almost :P So, I will wipe the mascara off my pudgy dwarf face and stash the high heels into the bank, and bide my time patiently until next February. 

In other news...

Blizzard has announced that we will officially get dual specs in 3.1. You may find the details of the blue posts on mmo-champion.com.  I, personally, have decided that my offspec will be Retribution, as I have not PvPed in quite a while. I am now running 10-mans exclusively for ret gear for dungeons, and am saving my emblems for the PvP gear. To all you horde locks out there, I have one thing to say: Get ready to feel pain!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nerf on the count of five! (That's three my lord).

So, by now we have all seen that the nerf to Divine Plea came in sooner than patch 3.1, when mana regeneration for healers was to be cut across the board. That's right, we've been sucker punched! Or have we...

I ran Naxx 25 this past week, and can tell you that I did not really see a problem with mana regeneration. As I suspected, the change has little effect in 25 mans, as I was still using Divine Plea fairly often, and still managed to cling to the high end of the healing meters. When I used Divine Plea on Patchwerk while healing the OT, I made sure that I also popped Avenging Wrath. Now, two questions remain: How does this affect the 10-man Naxx and entry level healers, too? Experiment time! I will, over the next couple of weeks, gather (again >.<) the blue gear from my gear guide, and will run a couple of 10-mans. I will then report on the results, and see if we need to look over how we should rank our starting gear. Expect to see a post on it soon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Close, but no cigar!

So... we downed Kel'thuzad last night, but he dropped absolutely nothing for me. Zero, zip, nada. On the bright side, at least now we all know the fight and are planning on taking him down weekly. 

Now to the important stuff...

Blizzard has announced that in patch 3.1.0, they will nerf mana regen across the board. For paladins, they will change the healing penalty on Divine Plea up to 50%. For the most part, I'm not really that concerned by this, mostly because it will not affect 25 man raids too much if there is only one paladin. We may start to see things going back to TBC days when we really watched the overheals caused by Holy Light. In 10 man raids, though, this might become an issue, especially on longer boss fights, like Gothik or the Four Horsemen.  I'm not sure how this will affect the value of mp5 on our gear, but I've started collecting some pieces already. This is, of course, going to affect our haste rating, as it is in direct competition with mp5 on most of our gear. There is a silver lining to this cloud, however, because Blizz is giving more classes the replenishment buff, so we no longer have to think about bringing along just a shadow priest or ret paladin.