Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Home!

So, after much contemplation, I have decided to switch servers. My new home is now the Scarlet Crusade server. While I will miss my friends and guildies from Cenarius, there are a few things I won't miss, such as waiting in an 1100 person queue to log in. Meanwhile, I have found a guild that I like very much and I am beginning to establish myself again among the healer community. 

In other news, I have participated in downing the Four Horsemen on 25 man Naxx last night, which is a first for me (not that I haven't wiped on it about a thousand times). It was a very exciting experience for me, and hopefully there will be many more. 

Till next time, thanks for reading!


  1. Currently looking at doing a server transfer myself. I'm really interested in how you went about it.

  2. It was a paid character transfer. You just log into your account on, and select a transfer for a $25.00 charge per character. For me it was a one way trip, because transfers to Cenarius are prohibited. In all, it took about 2 hours for them to complete my request. I did create a level 1 on the Scarlet Crusade server first to check out the economy and players. I also set up a guild invite before I transfered, but I had wanted to be in Aegis Hestia for a while now, so it was easy for me to pick.