Monday, January 12, 2009

Domo Arigato Mr. Healbotto

Quellious: Hey, I noticed your response time was a little off tonight. Are you lagging terribly?
"Nameless" Healadin: Not really, I was healing my group
 fine, wasn't I?
Quellious: Yes.... But in a 10 man we have two groups, and you were kind of on raid heals...
"Nameless" Healadin: You mean on Anub'Rekhan
? I had a bit of trouble targeting. 
Quellious: Targeting? What kind of healing mod are you using?
"Nameless" Healadin: I prefer to heal the old fashioned style. You know, F keys and hotbar buttons.
Quellious: Heh.... Yeah... What?
Quellious: Please get Healbot right away >.<

This was an actual conversation with a fellow paladin raiding Naxx-10. I never actually thought I would have to write a post about this, but it makes me a sad panda to think that there are people still healing the "old fashioned way." You know, the way they did it Pre-TBC. My friends, I would therefore like to introduce you to a wonderful little tool called Healbot. I don't care what kind of a healer you are, this little addon will be a lifesaver in any raid or dungeon instance. Why? It allows you to heal with a mouse click. Namely, Healbot allows you to see everyone's health bars (along with any dispellable debuffs on them if you chose), and allows you to bind your healing spells to your mouse buttons. You can also use the modifiers (such as Ctrl+click, Shift+click, etc.) to cast things like dispels, Lay on Hands, Beacon of Light, and so on. Here is what it looks like in it's simplest form (i.e. when there is only you in the group):

Of course, if you are in a group, it would show the rest of your groupmates as well as their pets. The newer versions of Healbot will also tell you the spec of the person you are scrolling over (in the form of xx/xx/xx). You can also set Healbot up to where it will show either numerical HP of your group or % wise. There are, of course, alternatives to healbot, such as Grid + Clique, but why use two addons when you can do the same with just one. So please, if you are a healer of any kind, make your life easier and get it today. You can find it at Curse gaming's WoW addons. Otherwise, you'll have incurred the wrath of a very frustrated blogger :P

Edit: By the way, I just wanted to point out that healbot is not only for healers. Mages and Druids can use it to set up de-cursing, paladins can use it to cast things like Divine Intervention, hunters can use it to MD, etc. The possibilities are endless, especially because you can use the decursive hotbutton (D is the default I believe) in conjunction, and you can even track the debuffs using Healbot's UI.


  1. Heh...I will incur your wrath, then, Sir! I prefer healing the "old-fashion" way, too - much more of a challenge. Besides which, I have a simple mini-mouse on my gaming laptop, so I'd have at most 3 buttons for heals - and would still need to use hotkeys for SS, seals, judgements, BoL, etc etc. So far, I haven't encountered a problem related to my non-use of a healing add-on.

  2. The problem I have is that DPS and tanks (to a lesser extent) can use the default UI to do what they need to...we healers on the other hand, cannot. Don't get me wrong though, I too think that every healer should be using an addon like healbot or grid, but I think we need to push blizzard to improve the deafault UI to be more healer friendly. There are times, especially after patches, when the other people in my guild are up and running w/o their mods, but they can't run anything that night because all of the healers have to wait for their addons to get modified by the creators...and sometimes that takes many days.

  3. Clique and X-Perl work brilliantly, too. I never saw the point of fussing with Grid when I already had X-Perl to make my UI shiny.

    Flash of light whack-a-mole! Flash of light whack-a-mole!

    Wait, why was a holy paladin on raid healing anyway?

  4. X-Perl, mouseover macros, and hotkeys.

  5. If you have never tried a healing addon and think you don't need one, just do me a favor: give Healbot about 20 minutes of your time. Download it, set up the basic spell options. If you like what you see then try it with a group or raid. I think most people will be like me and wonder how I ever played this game without it.

  6. As a holy pally, I feel badly for Nameless that s/he had to raid heal. Sure, it can be done, but it's not fun.

    I'm a Grid/Clique girl, after switching from HealerButtons.