Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So, out of the trillion or so healadin sites, you somehow wound up on this page. How did you get here? Did your mouse button slip while you were trying to view those adult sites? Naughty, naughty! 
Well, while you are here, let me wish you a warm welcome!

"What is this site all about?" you may ask yourself. Pop a Ritalin and try to sit still while I explain. 

This site will be dedicated, first and foremost, to the World of Warcraft class, the Paladin. More specifically, to the Holy Paladin. I should warn you at this point, I am most likely promising far more than I can deliver. I will try to delve into every aspect of the spec and class, everything from talents and gear, to strategies for healing and playing in general (There may even be comics). Hopefully, the blog will take off, and I will rise to fame the likes which has not been seen in centuries! People will hear my name and weep like children! The world itself will be my plaything!!! .... But I digress... Baby steps, ya know!

You may be asking yourself at this point"Who is this weird, yet remarkably intriguing fellow?" 

Is that Ritalin kicking in yet? Good. Well, I, like so many of you, decided to pick the paladin as my main class when I first started playing WoW (sometimes two years ago). I had heard that it was a wonderful class: easy to level, possessed much survivability, and was extremely versatile. You see, I had just finished playing EverQuest, as my long time guild there broke up, and I  wanted a change. I even named my cute little pally dwarf Quellious, as a tribute. So I diligently leveled Quellious, hoping to one day raid the endgame as the awesome Protadin. This was right at the beginning of Burning Crusade. I had leveled as protection to 70, when I found out that I would forever be inferior to Warriors. Heartbroken, I decided try out Retribution. Let me just say, I quickly found out why I always saw "lolret" in battlegrounds. Then, one day, as I was busy being a cheap amusement for a horde lock in AV, a fellow healadin ran up to me and started doing his thing. Instantly I was amazed at his ability to keep three opponents beating on him mercilessly, and still he survived. From that day forward, I re-specced and never looked back. 

Fast forward to today. WotLK is out, and I'm level 80, and still loving holy. So sit tight and grab a Coke ( or Pepsi, I don't judge), and let's get started! 

P.S.: If you skipped the whole article and are just reading this sentence, go back an read!
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  1. Hi Quellious!

    Congratulations for the new site. I've had some trouble finding lots of info for Holy Paladin.

    I too was a prot pally and switched to Ret in order to level. When my guild needed more healers, I decided to give it a try. And I'm having tons of fun as a Healadin.

    I hope to read more good stuff from you. The article on how to gear to do heroics in WotLK came at the right time.

    Good luck!

    -Herrwolfx (Undermine)

  2. Thanks, I will try not to disappoint.