Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How To: Gear Your Pally for Naxxramas and Heroics

So, you've hit lvl 80 and want to get some phat lewtz from Heroics. What's that you say? You only have 900 spellpower? Well, you've come to the right place! Now, the list below does not include anything from Heroic dungeons, badge gear or Naxx. I am assuming you have leveled as Retribution, and are now in Northrend healing greens. You should be able to obtain all of the gear below without setting foot into a Heroic, and once you have that gear, your road to endgame will begin! 
I have included in the list below mail items that I think are better/easier to obtain than plate. Please make sure you are not rolling for these items against an elemental shaman who needs them. :( I have also included the affordable enchants for each slot, as this gear will be replaced fairly soon once you start raiding. Here we go:

Yes, it's mail. But it is AWESOME and easy to obtain. You can reach revered with Argent Crusade by simply completing all their quests in Northrend and doing a couple of the dailies. Your direct upgrade for this would be Helm of Purified Thoughts, although you will probably have to Champion in heroics to obtain it. 
Not a bad head by any means. Drops from the last boss of Utgarde Pinnacle. There is a helm here obtained through a quest at the start of the zone that is similar, but it has haste instead. Either one is fine, but spell crit is the stat to go for imho. 
Ouch! The lack of stats on this one hurts. Still, it's crafted and easily obtainable if you have the cash. 

Enchants:  Two of these require Revered rep, and one is from pvp. 
Try to get this one first, as the Wyrmrest dailies will get you to revered more quickly.
This one is the best for the slot, imho, but will be the most difficult to obtain. You will probably have to wait until heroics.

A very solid choice when it comes to shoulders, mostly because it is very hard 
to find good ones pre-heroic.
The alternative if you prefer spell crit over mp5.
Only get these if you REALLY cannot get either of the above two. 

Probably the one to go with until you hit exalted with Sons of Hodir.
If you prefer mp5.
PvP ftl. :P

Not a bad neck by far, and maiden is not a very difficult boss on normal.
I actually like this one, even though it has no intellect (boo!). Can be gemmed for some nice spellpower. 
The best one out there pre-25 man, but expect to pay an upwards of 2k for it if you're not a Jewelcrafter. 

My personal favorite, even though the next one is probably  just as good. Mats are easy to farm, the only trouble is finding a tailor with the achievement and recipe.
A very good one even though it has no crit. I believe you also have to find a tailor with the
achievement, and the mats are a little harder to farm.
Solid choice, but the rep requirement may be tough to fulfill. 
Hey, haste is always a decent option.

You most likely won't be replacing this until your T7 piece. Extremely easy to get and farming the mats is a breeze.
This one has great potential, but the drop is all up to a chance. If you get the Revenant's Breastplate or the mail equivalent that drops earlier in the instance first, don't bother with trying to farm this.
Great starter, but the lack of intellect makes me a sad panda.

Easy to find, but the mats might cost a bit.

You will have probably reached Revered with Wyrmrest by just completing all the Dragonblight quests and doing the dailies. Very good choice, and a socket to boot.
If you would prefer crit over the haste from above, go with these, but you lose a gem/
Good starter, but no stats... Move on!

or, depending on your cash flow

Farm the Auction House for these, they're cheap and pretty decent.
You did pick the Frenzyheart faction, right? Easy to farm to revered and not a bad item at all.
You'll probably have better from heroics by the time you reach Exalted from Wyrmrest, but just in case you don't, these are nice.
No base stats, blah blah blah.


Very nice waist, probably best pre-heroic.
Good if you can't get the HoL one to drop.
Might be tougher to get because of Revered requirement with Kirin Tor.

All depends on which stat you prefer, crit or haste, and which faction you picked.
This one is made of awesome, but it may take a while to get the Ebon Blade rep, and you will probably have better from heroics / Naxx by that time/
Pretty nice drop from second boss in Halls of Lightning.
Only use these when you cannot get any of the above.


Excellent item and easy to obtain from the local Leatherworker.
O.K., but there is no guarantee they will drop.
These are decent as well, but like all crafted holy plate, they have no int, which hurts a lot. Still, if you'd rather wear these than the number 1 above, you can.


Very good ring and easy to get from a quest you can complete in the Oculus.
Both are decent, depending on what you prefer.
Best in slot before 25 mans, but you might have a problem with how much the mats will cost.
Another nice ring, but requires Exalted with Argent Crusade.
Extremely nice, but it will cost you anywhere from 6800 to 8000 gold. Good Luck!

Only if you are an enchanter, I'm afraid.

Trinkets... Pretty trinkets! :P
This one is nice, but I'm not sure what the proc rate is.
This treasure is rumored to be Bind on Equip with the next patch, but you will probably pay an arm and a leg for it.
I believe this is redeemed at the Darkmoon Faire by turning in the Prisms Deck, which is created from 8 cards crafted by Inscriptionists (Scribes mebbe?). Again, good but highly costly.

Main Hand
Despite not having intellect, this is the best pre-raid option for now. It will, unfortunately, be nerfed in the next patch to reflect actual item level. For now though, if you can farm the mats, it is well worth it. 
Another nice Wyrmrest item, only requires revered, too.
Pretty good for a dungeon drop, last boss in Caverns of Time
Good enough to get you by until you get one of the above.


Nice if you can find it on the Auction House.
The next best thing and probably easier to get.
Not bad, and probably the easiest to obtain.


Very tough to find anything worthwhile before raiding. If you still have your TBC librams, they may be better than some of the ones below.

Better than nothing, I suppose. 

There ya go! Happy Raiding!


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  2. Great start here. I am starting holy recently from prot and have a lot to learn.

    Thanks for putting this together keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks! Comments (especially nice ones :P) are always appreciated.

  4. Nice list but I am reading on wowhead that the Savage Gladiator's Libram of Justice apparently only was something on the ptr and not in the real game. Other than that I have some nice goals for my paladin, thx

  5. I would suggest that you change the enchant on feet to Icewalking instead of greater vitality. The 12 critrating this gives is in my eyes better then the 6 mp5& 6 hp5. For one Flash of Light on level 80 you need with this amount of mp5 w8 almost 18minutes to regen enough mana.

  6. Changes noted and made. Thanks for the update.

  7. TO be honest, I was exhalted with two factions within a week. (casual play time)

    ^^ so those rep rewards should not be hard to get.